Centralized Lubrication Plant and Centralized Lubrication System

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Centralized Lubrication Plant And Centralized Lubrication System

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To prevent technical applications like machines, plants, and different equipment parts which are in constant movement from a premature wear and to stop the diminution of the efficiency of these production facilities by an increased material wear through friction, it is important to carry out an appropriate supply with lubricants directly and locally.

The optimal lubrication process consists not only of the choice of the correct lubricants, but also in the method of the lubrication procedure and its quality and quantity. To be able to perform this task continually and with only the least effort of time and material, the mechanical engineers have developed the centralized lubrication plant and the centralized lubrication system.
A centralized lubrication plant as well as a centralized lubrication system are being used in manufacturing machinery, industrial plants, and commercial vehicles in order to regularly supply the friction points with lubricants according to the mechanical and functional requirements.
A centralized lubrication plant is used to provide different grease points with lubricants. For example, this can be necessary in a very complex machine or if it is fitted with many moving parts. The centralized lubrication represents an innovative and quite efficient version which has originated from the so-called single lubrication. As opposed to a single lubrication system, in a centralized lubrication system the supply with the lubricant takes place out of a central container in which the lubricant is located and is transported to the desired lubrication points.

A centralized lubrication plant has various advantages compared to the single lubrication because e.g. the steady re-filling of the lubrication stock in the reservoir can be dropped. This means that fewer controls and re-filling activities have to be performed. Because of the extensive installation and the modular construction, a centralized lubrication plant is, in the first place, more cost-intensive, yet more cost saving for the lifespan of the machine.

A centralized lubrication plant consists of special components working together. First, with a centralized lubrication plant, powerful pumps are required. In connection with a centralized lubrication plant, different kinds of pumps are coming into use. This depends on the respective appropriate requirements in the individual cases.

To be able to perform a lubrication meeting the machine's demands in a proper and professional way, piston pumps and barrel pumps are integrated in a centralized lubrication plant.
The producer of a centralized lubrication plant partially also works with a hand pump device if the plants and machines require a lubrication to their needs.
Each of these pumps features by another working method and determines very significantly the use of these lubrication plants.

To guarantee an appropriate functioning of a centralized lubrication plant and of the centralized lubrication system and in order to take the lubricant which is pumped out of the container to the intended lubrication position, distributing units are needed. A specification of the distributers in a centralized lubrication plant is made to single-line distributors, distributors for oil-air-mixtures, progressive distributors and double-line distributors. In addition, for the installation screw connections, fittings, hose lines, and pipe systems are required.

In a centralized lubrication system there are special reservoirs in which the lubricant is stored. With centralized lubrication systems, these are relatively low-maintenance. With the containers of the centralized lubrication system, different dimensions are offered which, in their size, adjust to the respective machine, plant or vehicle. In the centralized lubrication system in commercial vehicles, these are accordingly smaller, here it is generally 2-4 KG supplies, in big plants also 200 KG barrels can be used.

An advanced centralized lubrication system works independently on an automatic basis and is being controlled by special computer programs. In connection with the categories control and monitoring segments in the centralized lubrication system, various devices are being used for this scope of functions. For the main, these are modern applications with a sensitive technical and electronic equipment. Relating to this, in a centralized lubrication system, e.g. also control and monitoring modules are used on a progressive basis, control devices for the coordination of chronological orders. A basic precondition for the automation in a centralized lubrication system are high-quality control devices to which belong switches for the level measurement and control as well as the control and the compliance of the temperatures.

A centralized lubrication system is formed when several centralized lubrication plants are connected to each other. In dependence of the extend in which the centralized lubrication plants are being used, series develop featuring an enormous compactness and versatility. A modern centralized lubrication system can be used as well for the lubrication of separate machine modules as for the supply of middle-sized complexes of machines.

Like also a centralized lubrication plant, in an innovative and powerful centralized lubrication system, the fundamental working units are found like a pressure-intensive pump, the sensitively and reliably working controls, and the distribution system.
A very decisive part in the centralized lubrication system plays the automation of all working steps leading to a saving of lubricants by a precise dosing and leading to an excellent lubrication result. By a heat supply via an additional heating device, the lubricant can maintain its appropriate consistence and tempering in cool ambient temperatures.

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